You and Your Family will Need these Umbrellas.

A good investment pays best when needed the most. This is why we prioritise protection plans to be recommended to our clients among other plans. We want to make sure that you will always be financially ready in facing whatever will happen in your future because life is so uncertain, which is why we have to bring umbrella before it starts raining.

Here are some umbrellas which we provide for you and your family:

1. Life Protector

This policy would be the best love letter you can give to your family because it is a guarantee that you would still take care of their needs even though you’re not around anymore.

Many people misunderstand this as a “death insurance” instead of life insurance because it can only be claimable upon death. It is true, but let’s see it this way: the main benefit is to save your family from miserable LIFE with small amount of money you pay every month or every year.

Another thing you have to know is that whole life insurance also has a cash value which grows over the time. It can also be used as a long term investment. In about 15 years onward, the cash value would worth more than total of money you’ve been investing as premium when you surrender the policy. In 30 years, you would either be a dead person or an old person. Your children might not need the sum assured of your life insurance anymore due to their independence so you can surrender the cash value and use it as an additional retirement fund. Travel around the world, maybe? 😉 

See? Either something happens or nothing happens to you, either you or your family will get the benefit from it!

2. Accident & Health Protector

It doesn’t matter how fit a human being could be, he can fall ill still. And it doesn’t matter how big your saving is, we really are sure that you would prefer to use it to reach your dream, either it’s a dream vacation, dream house, dream car, dream wife… 

A&H Insurance comes to make sure that you will get treated well when you are sick and that your saving will be protected in order to help you reaching your dream. So it’s time to wait no more. Let’s get you and your family the assurance that everyone will be well protected whenever the unexpected sickness comes.

3. Critical Illness Protector

In addition to regular A&H Insurance, Critical Illness (CI) cover is highly recommended because the cost to cure it would be so high that health insurance can’t cover, or because once you are diagnosed, it might affect your income. CI Insurance offers you a larger, lump sum cash payment once you are diagnosed with one of CIs which is covered. It is then up to you how to spend the money. 

4. Disability Income Protector

Financially speaking, being disable can be worse than passing away. Disability can prevent you from working and getting your income, yet you still have to provide for yourself and your family. Here comes the Disability Income Protection Plan that provides regular payouts for what matters most to you when you are unable to work. 

Wait no more! Get your own financial protector now with us!


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